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Sent expense



How long will it take for my expense I sent yesterday to get approved, since it's still in "Submitted & In Accounting Review", since my manager cannot se it yet?

Community Manager
Community Manager

@HKAN2014 hello there. This is tough to answer. It all depends on how often those in Accounting are reviewing and approving reports. If they have a daily cadence, then it could be today. If their cadence is every other day or once a week, then that will determine the time frame. We won't be able to provide a concrete answer here on the community without directly asking your accounting team. We don't have access to who at your company is on this team, but maybe you can search your Email address book for an Accounting or Finance email alias. 

Thank you,
Kevin Dorsey
SAP Concur Community Manager
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Hi.  You might want to check whether your company has an internal Service Level Agreement so that you can manage expectations and determine when this should be of concern.