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Segment departure date cannot be in the past, and updating per diem



It is my first time using concur. I have two issues. One I am unable to submit the travel request form because of the error "Segment departure date cannot be in the past". I did not submit a travel request form prior to my travel (I assume there is someway to get around this). Then because of this I am unable to add it to my expense report form. Second I to change my per diem for the first day of my trip but after changing it to exclude breakfast it no longer shows up under the expense report which lists the expenses. I changed it originally by going to the manage travel allowance tab which has updated the allowance but has removed that day completely in the expense report. Can someone please assist me with these issues. My expense report number is 3Q39A5.



Jitendra Singh

Community Manager
Community Manager

@JitendraSingh unfortunately, your company has set up a hard stop on the Travel Request where the date of a hotel, airfare or car rental cannot be in the past. This isn't anything your company will likely change. I don't know what your company's process is for this scenario. I do know that going forward, you will need to be sure to submit the Travel Request before your actual travel dates and get it approved.


For help, I recommend you open your expense report that has been returned and click Report Details. From the Report Details menu, select Report Timeline. If you look in the details, you will see the name of the person who sent your report back. I would recommend reaching out to that person and asking how you should handle your situation since you cannot submit the Travel Request which is required to be attached to an expense report.




Thank you,
Kevin Dorsey
SAP Concur Community Manager
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