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Security settings for Bank Profile/Expense Pay - Where can I find them?

Anyone know where I can locate all the security settings/measure that are taken by Concur via Expense Pay? We recently launched expense pay and we are having some pushback from certain users who are reluctant to add their banking information in Concur. Do you know of any site or resource that can help appease their concerns of their banking information getting stolen? 

SAP Concur Employee
SAP Concur Employee

@scarranza11 Here is some information taken from the Concur Expense:  Employee Banking Only for Expense Pay Factsheet. 

Information Security:
Concur is committed to maintaining a high level of data security for all clients. This section details the security measures used for employee banking data.
Employee Bank Information
• User bank information is entered by the employee, or by an automated import process. Clients decide which method to use.
• Once the data has been entered, it can only be viewed by the employee within Expense.
o The employee bank account information can be displayed in the Expense Pay extract file and in the Standard Accounting Extract (SAE). This file is intended to be read only by data integration programs and not individuals. The client’s data integration program determines whether to import this information into their financial system. It is up to the client to secure this sensitive information in their financial system. If the client allows people to view this file then it is possible for someone other than employees to see employee bank account information. Within the Expense user’s profile, the user's bank account information is not masked in the fields (ex. XXXXXX123) by design. Employees
need to see their entire bank account information because they are responsible for managing this information. Employees must be able to validate that the routing and account numbers, etc. are correct over an indefinite period of time. 

• The bank account information is stored securely. The payment service will comply with PCI, and ISO controls for maintaining sensitive information.

Thank you,
Tricia Whipps
SAP Concur Community Moderator
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Hi Tricia,


on below statement

 "User bank information is entered by the employee, or by an automated import process. "

can we have more information on the automated import process?

we use Workday for our HR system, we do have user integration but not able to import employee bank account.