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Occasional Member - Level 1

Salesforce Connector - Expense Allocation Issues

We have been using the Salesforce Connector for a long time without any issues, but in the last several months have run into significant issues with the expense allocation feature. We have some team members who are still using this feature successfully, never had an issue, we've had others who all of a sudden are unable to allocate their expenses to our salesforce connected contacts/accounts at all. Support has guided us to revoke the OAuth connection for those users and have them re-connect their account, which we have done and this has not resolved the issue. It's very odd that it's only happening for some users and not others. 


In addition to this issue, we have certain contacts who are indeed in our Salesforce instance, but are not showing up in Concur (despite having been allocated before and not being a new contact). 


Is anyone else running into these issues? Does anyone have a solution or work around? We have been dealing with this for weeks and really need to get this resolved. 


Thank you! 

Occasional Member - Level 2

We have been running into these issues for a while now as well. Similarly, it works perfectly fine for some users but not at all for others. We have salesmen who can allocate to some of their customers but not others and the issue has spread since the new UI came out.


Please share any solutions you may have.


Thank you!