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SAP Connector


Is anyone using the SAP Connector? We are looking to gather  information from other clients who have implemented the service, their lessons learned and pain points.



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Re: SAP Connector

Hi, we are using the connector.  Do you have specific questions?  We export cost centers and WBS elements from SAP to Concur and import expense reports from Concur to SAP.  Our biggest challenge is with taxes for our employees in Canada, otherwise the connector works well for us.


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Re: SAP Connector

When you post entries, are they line by line or summarized? Wondering how SAP can handle millions of lines if JEs are posted daily.

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Re: SAP Connector

We post by line but don't have millions of lines...

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Re: SAP Connector

Hi Jen



Are you able to tell me what BAPI's are used in the connector?