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Occasional Member - Level 2

Russia Regulations - Concur Expense

Hi, I am looking for best practices to handle regulary requirements in Russia.

In the examples outlined below, were you able to eliminate the need for a seperate document/process, incorporate it into the configuration or automate in any way? It would also be helpful to know if these regulations do not apply to you to help identify those that we need to question in more depth. THANK YOU!

- Employee must provide a document that outlines travel dates, travel purpose and pre-approval to each report

- Attendee form required for each business meal/entertainment expense 

- Print report for wet signature 

- Accounting must enter expenses in system "1C" (in addition to our global accounting software)


Occasional Member - Level 3

We implemented Concur Expense in Russia and the most difficult requirement involved what they refer to as an "AO-1" report, which must be filed on each expense report.

FYI, for us, this was a separate project for Concur Support, needing its own sales order form. It wasn't expensive, as number of hours go, but it can't be configured as part of the regular implementation.

Occasional Member - Level 3

We also engaged Concur to write Russia reports Act of Representative, Order of Business Trip, Waybill and A01,   The reports include the employees name, title, department in Russian.  Concur has advised in Release Notes not to put personal data in custom fields but that's where this data was stored for the reports.  Were your reports written with this data in custom fields?