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Romania implementation



I'm part of a team implementing Concur globally in a number of countries. The system has been set up with configuration to trigger rules based on our policy & if all items meet policy these expense claims will go through for manager approval & then create our postings for our ERP systems. All processing will be managed centrally & local finance teams in country will not have visibility of expense reports or receipts in Concur.


One of those countries is Romania & we've been told by our project team at Concur that they have never had any unique requirements for any other clients in this country. Our local finance team however have provided a number of requirements to make sure local statutory & tax reporting can be done. At the moment their process is manual & so they have sight of all expense receipts which they use for a variety of reporting needs & to determine the posting in the ERP


Wondered if anyone on here had implemented Concur in Romania & how it was managed? If you centralised the processing as we have, how did you manage providing the information to local Romanian finance teams to enable monthly/quarterly stat & tax reports to be filed? Were there standard reports in Concur reporting or did you have to build these?



Occasional Member - Level 1

Currently implementing  Concur in Romania as well.  Did you ever receive a response to your question?  Did you successfully complete the implementation?  Any lessons learned or best practices that you can share as far as VAT, local statutory taxes, reporting and managing Romania requirements?