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Re: Risk of Employees Got Paid for Company Paid Expenses

I don't have a corporate card and don't have any plans to use one.   How can I set the default to Out of Pocket so I don't get exception / issues with every one of my expenses?

SAP Concur Employee
SAP Concur Employee

Re: Risk of Employees Got Paid for Company Paid Expenses

Unless your company has changed the setting, which is uncommon, when you create a new expense report your expenses will default to payment type Out of Pocket or Cash or some variance of that. When a new report is created, you should see a list of all your company's active expense types on the right-hand side of your screen. When you click on an expense type to add it to your report, check the Payment Type field. It should have whatever your company's name for out of pocket expenses is. If it doesn't, it might say something like Company Paid or Pending Card Transaction. The Payment Type field is a field you can edit, so simply change the payment type to the out of pocket payment type. 


If you see Company Paid or Pending Card Transaction when you create a new expense, then your company has made this the default and only an administrator can change the default. Most customers I work with have the default payment type for new expenses as Out of Pocket, but I occasionally see some customers with Company Paid. Unfortunately the default payment type is a global setting and cannot be changed on an individual basis. 


I hope this helps.



Kevin Dorsey
SAP Concur Sr. Training Consultant

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Re: Risk of Employees Got Paid for Company Paid Expenses

We do not have corporate cards issued to employee as they each use their own personal cards.  The default payment type in Concur Expense has been "Cash" but now that we implemented Concur Travel a few months ago I am seeing a few of the expenses that come from Concur Travel populating with the payment type of "Company Paid."  Is this a configuration setting somewhere in Concur Travel or Concur Expense that I need to update?  How do I prevent the "Company Paid" payment type? 


Please help so I can reimburse my employees timely without having to return their expense items to correct the payment type.