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New Member - Level 1

Revert to previous version of Concur Expense

It would be great to have an option to revert back to the previous version of Concur Expense. NextGen UI is much slower, I must zoom out to 80% to see my work because it's either too much information on the screen or it's too big.  The previous version was more succinct. It's taking me 2-3 minutes longer per expense to fill in. 

Occasional Member - Level 1

I agree, the new UI is a step in the wrong direction.

New Member - Level 1

Add me to the list too. This takes longer to process. Bring back a side by side receipt view.

Occasional Member - Level 1

This huge interface is comical.  Please give us options. 

Community Manager
Community Manager

Here is an article you might find useful about NextGen UI feedback: NextGen UI Feedback

Thank you,
Kevin Dorsey
SAP Concur Community Manager
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Occasional Member - Level 2

This is what I get when I click on the NextGen UI feedback. Anyone else having the same problem?

Access Denied

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You do not have sufficient privileges for this resource or its parent to perform this action.

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Occasional Member - Level 1

"Access Denied"

New Member - Level 2

Same access denied.  NOT helpful at all.

Occasional Member - Level 1

Same thing here, I'd really like to revert so that I don't have to spend hours clicking on an expense and clicking back to go to another when they used to be in the side-by-side windows. 


I can no longer enter op codes by typing them.  I now must scroll through several codes to find the one I need on every single entry.


Where did the [Quick Expense] button go? 


I feel that this new UI has taken multiple steps in the opposite direction and has made it much more difficult to submit expenses.

Occasional Member - Level 2

So many clicks for each task. New expense, attendees, add receipt, etc. It's so frustrating it takes LONGER to complete are report after the upgrade.

100% In addition my "Attendees" link is not working. It's not generating the pop up it should. So I can't submit my report on time as it's showing errors....that I can't fix. Link aside, how on Earth did they these other "updates" were more efficient? 


New Member - Level 2

im getting dizzy while looking at the rotating circle every time i click on a button. this is impossible.

Occasional Member - Level 1

This new user interface is pathetic. Someone or ones should be sent to their competition to help them.

New Member - Level 3

I still have the ability to upload a large number of receipts together but there's no way for me to select them from the expense report or even view them in the expense report. How is this an improvement? I had all this functionality before.

New Member - Level 2

Agree with others. New UI takes longer to complete expense details.  More clicks, more time, more complicated.  Goal with new UI should be to make it easier with less click and less time to complete this business task no likes in the first place.  PLEASE give users the option to revert!