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Reports awaiting approval

Would anyone know if there is a report I can generate (being the expense admin) to see which expense reports are submitted by employees but not yet approved by their manager? Preferably including the approver's name as well.


Thanks in advance!

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Hi @muizyousuf,

The report called "Accrual" will tell you where the report is in processing. However, it does not have the approver's name... Interested if others have another report in mind on this one.


Travel and Expense System Administrator
Occasional Member - Level 2

I usually just go to my processing queue, and change the search to Payment Status Equals "Not Paid". Then I click on Approval Status and that will sort the list by Approval status.

This will show all reports that have not been Processed sorted by if they are approved or not. If they have not been approved, they will say waiting for approval and will give the managers name.

I'm not sure if our processes are similar or not but this is how I look at this information.

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Hey @muizyousuf,

If you'd like, you could create a custom report and filter it to only show reports pending approval. To do this, you'll need a Business Author license for either Analysis or Intelligence. Open the Query Studio and put in these fields:

Expense >
     > Expense Reports >
          > Report Header Information
               > Employee
               > Employee ID
               > Report Name
               > Report ID
               > Approval Status
               > Additional Employee Details > 
                    > Default Approver
                    > Default Approver ID
          > Report Dates and Statuses >
               > Last Submitted Date/Time

Put a filter on the Approval Status field to only show Submitted & Pending Approval and a filter on the Last Submitted Date/Time field to only show reports pending approval for a certain date range.

The Employee ID, Default Approver ID, and Report ID fields aren't necessary, but can be useful depending on your process.

Downside to this would be that it's not real-time, but can be useful if you're just looking for a report to run every so often, and not as a basis for real-time analysis.

Hope this helps!