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Occasional Member - Level 3

Reporting on expense approver 2

I am trying to see if there is a standard report that will provide me with expense approver 2 information.  there is an employee details report in cognos, but it only has expense approver and not expense approver 2.  I don't mind modifying this report, but I can't find that filed in the report studio.  Anyone have any ideas for a way to get at that information either in Concur or cognos?

Occasional Member - Level 3

I found what I was looking for, so I thought that I would follow up with an explanation in the event that someone else is trying to find this data in cognos.  All expense approvers in cognos are in the following path:

Expense>Lists>Employee Information>Default Approvers

Apologies for cluttering up the board, since I found the solution on my own, but maybe this will help someone else.