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Re: Reporting - How to add unassigned transactions using Query Studio?


It is possible to get both Assigned and unassigned transactions in a report using Query Studio.

Under Credit card transactions select Transaction status. This populates a list of options with a drop down -- Show only the following

Select (check the box ) AS for Assigned and UN for unassigned transactions.

Hope this helps


Pre Dalal


Occasional Member - Level 1

Re: Reporting - How to add unassigned transactions using Query Studio?


Below is the information of the query, I am trying to consolidate the Unassigned and Assigned credit card transactions in single report. But I am not able to do it, I am end user for Concur BI and do not have access to Database and Cognos FW manager, to identify the keys. Default I have tried all the Joins with cardinality, but not worked. Then I have tried to create union among to quries, but getting error rqp-def-0182. Need Help  on this, which is higly appriciated.

Report ItemExpression
Billing Date[Expense].[Credit Card Transactions].[Billing Date]
Name on Card[Expense].[Credit Card Accounts].[Name on Card]
Last Four Account Digits[Expense].[Credit Card Accounts].[Last Four Account Digits]
Card Type[Expense].[Credit Card Transactions].[Card Type]
Merchant[Expense].[Credit Card Transactions].[Merchant]
Transaction Date[Expense].[Credit Card Transactions].[Transaction Date]
Download Date[Expense].[Credit Card Transactions].[Download Date]
Posted Amount (credit card currency)[Expense].[Credit Card Transactions].[Posted Amount (credit card currency)]
Credit Card Currency[Expense].[Credit Card Transactions].[Credit Card Currency]
Transaction Amount[Expense].[Credit Card Transactions].[Transaction Amount]
Transaction Currency[Expense].[Credit Card Transactions].[Transaction Currency]
Description[Expense].[Credit Card Transactions].[Description]
Transaction Status Value[Expense].[Credit Card Transactions].[Transaction Status Value]
Payment Type[Expense].[Credit Card Accounts].[Payment Type]
FilterPayment Type: AU HSBC MC CBCP 
Report Name[Expense].[Report Header Information].[Report Name]
Report Date[Expense].[Report Dates and Statuses].[Report Date]
Approval Status[Expense].[Report Header Information].[Approval Status]
Payment Status[Expense].[Report Header Information].[Payment Status]
Sent for Payment Date[Expense].[Commonly Used Fields].[Sent for Payment Date]
Report Legacy Key[Expense].[Report Header Information].[Report Legacy Key]