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Reporting Assistance - Managers viewing Receipts



I was hoping someone could help. I need to set up a report to identify if a manager has authorised expense claims without viewing the receipt(s).


I know there is a standard report called "reports approved but receipts not viewed" but unfortunately this isn’t giving me the results I need as we technically have 2 approvers in our configuration; the manager and the auditor. I believe if the manager OR the auditor hasn’t viewed ALL receipts they will appear on this report.


I have attempted to set up my own report; The field that I am currently using in the report is showing everyone that has viewed the receipts for the claims and sometimes these people could be the expenses auditors.


Is there any way I can report on whether just the approval manager has viewed a receipt?


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Hello, @HZDA .

I'm going to assume that you have the approver name in your report. I think there might be different approaches to achieve the goal. The below method can be easy to use but will increase the burden to create the report. A better way is to find a column of approver type and create a filter on that column.

The common name for auditors in our company looks like "auditor1" or "Concur_Auditor2".

Therefore, you can add a filter to the approver name to only show records which includes the string "auditor".

The code looks like below:

[Approver] like '%auditor%'

Let me know if this works. Cat Happy


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thanks @Felix for your reply. I have default approver in my report.

iIalso have "Receipts viewed by employee" which gives me a name of a person thats viewed the receipt. I guess i could use the same principle if i get a list of names for the audit staff.


My next question off the back of this is if an auditor views the receipt for any reason after the manager has who's name would be populated in this field? is it the last perso n to view or he first? 

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Our expense reports are approved by manager and then may go to Audit if the report is selected for audit.

When an auditor or any other employees view the receipts that is not get included on the Concur "receipts not viewed" report.  That report, for us, only includes the Approver - we did not make adjustments to the report to make that happen.

But this may depend on how our workflow is set up and defined.

Sandra Ahola
Senior Analyst Travel, Card & Expense
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Thanks for the reply

I've done a little more digging. We audit 100% of expense claims in our company.

I've been informed that our workflow is Approver1 which is Line Manager and then Approver2 is Auditor.

It does appear to be that the field i'm currently using is stamped with the last person to view the receipt which in most cases is going to be the Auditor (depending on the time the report is ran)

I was wondering if there is a field or filter or a query i could apply to just get the 1st aprover detail?


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What is the name of the report that you are running?  Is is a standard Concur report?

SAP Concur Employee
SAP Concur Employee

Hi @HZDA Have you seen the Reports Approved  but Receipt Not Reviewed Fact Sheet?

Question 4 discusses how the report will behave when there are multiple approvers on an expense report. 

There were multiple approvers for the expense report and the main approver viewed all the receipts but not all of the approvers viewed all the receipts. Does this expense report appear as failed?: Yes. The standard report does not take into account multiple approvers. As a standard report, it is built with the assumption that the client's approval workflow has only 1 approver. When there are multiple approvers it becomes an all-or-none situation, all approvers must view all receipts.

Does this help? If not, what are your requirements? Perhaps there is opportunity to explore a custom report...

Thank you,
Lee-Anne Dautovic
SAP Concur Community Moderator
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