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Report returned due to name mismatch

I recently submitted a report to get reimbursement and I upload the invoice/receipt from Amazon. But the account name of Amazon is not my real name and they can only put my account name but not my real name in the invoice. So what should I do with this?  Thank you in advance!

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Super User

dear @matthew0010

I am going to explain what I would do, considering that the expense is legitimate and business related, however  you will still need to check with your company.


Did you pay the item with Amazon with your Company corporate credit card?

if Yes, the credit card transaction fed into your Concur correctly, the document from Amazon it should have the delivery address with name which should be yours, and anyhow explain in the comment field you have available in concur, that is a legitimate expenses, and is just the account name in Amazon is a user name, to check the delivery address of the items which is you. You can also include the company credit card statement showing the specific transaction charged.


If you paid with your personal card, so asking for cash reimbursement to the company, can try the same process and showing your credit card statement, showing that it is charged to you. 


In all cases, I would hide most of the credit card number, just leave the last for digit.


Finally before submitting the expense again, verify with the people who rejected, to explain the story. This should give a much higher chance to have the expense not rejected this time.  Let me know how it goes 🙂


Kind Regards

Alessandro Munari
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Hey @Munari_alEXPert I tried your solution and it worked! Thank you so much!