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Report for Expense Report Approval Viewing Times

I am looking for a report that will tell me how many minutes an approver viewed the report before approving.  For example, if I could get a report that found the time the report was opened by the approver until the time they clicked approve that would be the most ideal.  If that is not possible, I can somewhat use the Workflow Cycle Time Report because I can extract the approval date and time, but the submitted field only provides a date (not a time).  When I tried to customize it, the field only pulled 12:00AM for the time stamp for all lines.  

Community Manager
Community Manager

@anewsom the system only records the date and time of when the report moved to the approval step of the workflow, it does not record the time the approver actually opened the report. 


The best you could do is use the Step Entry Date/Time and Step Action Date/Time data items. You can select the two columns, then use the Insert Calculation option and select (Step Action Date/Time - Step Entry Date/Time. This will show you how long the approver took to approve the report once it entered their Approval queue. See my example below. I hope this helps.




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Kevin Dorsey
SAP Concur Community Manager
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