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Report Request approved, no payment yet

I have had an approved Request in Concur since about 8/3/22 and there has been no payment to my Amex yet.  It is now due on 9/12/22 and I am going to have to pay it myself now to not incur late fees.


How do I get the money back to myself?




Community Manager
Community Manager

@levandpl Requests are not paid in SAP Concur. A Request is a pre-approval to spend to notify your company of your upcoming business expenses and to get the approval to make those purchases. Business expenses are paid by you submitting an expense report that includes the actual purchases you made. 


Here is a link to our training toolkit to help you with creating your report:


From this page, expand all the topics and then watch the demo video for creating a new report and then the one for Adding Card Transactions to an Expense Report. 

Thank you,
Kevin Dorsey
SAP Concur Community Manager
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