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Report ID in exception message



i have an audit rule to track employees daily meal limit. the current messages displays the meal limit and the variance. However i want to add report ID of the transaction previously he claimed for that day.


Ex: 01/01/2021, user claimed meal expense of 100 (meal limit is 150) which is within limit in report ID 12345. Again user claimed meal expense of 75 fro teh same date in a different report ID 67890. Now, my audit rule shows as "you have exceeded the daily meal limit. Actual meal limit is 150, you have claimed 175, over limit 25"


However i need message saying "you have exceeded the meal limit of 150 per day, where you claimed meal of 100 against report ID 12345 and meal of 75 in report ID 67890. You total of actual meal per day is 175, limit 150, excess of 25."


Please provide which variables i can use to get these.

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Hello there,

I do not think this is possible with a standard Concur setup. I looked at the Setup Guide for Expense: Workflow Email Notifications and did not see anything that related to previous reports. 


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Community Manager

@Karthikhemadri The only thing I could find in the Audit Rules exceptions that allows you to reference an expense entry line on a different report is by using %lines%. If you look at the Duplicate Transaction Audit Rule, it has an exception message with this replacement token that references what the duplicate expense entry is. Maybe give this a try in your message. It won't reference the Report ID, but references the expense they already entered. You may have to do some changes in your audit rule conditions so it includes the Duplicate Transaction Variance Less Than or Equal to 1. 


Be sure to test out your new rule with your test users first before making it active for your actual employees. 

Thank you,
Kevin Dorsey
SAP Concur Community Manager

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