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Remote work expense policies

Hi everyone, our company is reviewing remote work expenses now that we are moving to a hybrid work environment where employees will continue to work remote at least some of the time. That said, we are trying to get some benchmark data on what other companies are doing. I'd love any insight folks can share on whether they provide a monthly stipend or reimbursement for home internet/ mobile phone/ home phone/ expenses and if it's a set amount or percentage of actual expenses incurred. If you can share how much or what percent that would be helpful. Also, please advise if employees were or still can be reimbursed for home office equipment and supplies. I've been told some companies provide mobile hot spots instead of internet reimbursement and would like to hear more on that if that's applicable to your company. And last but not least, does your company require receipts for these types of expenses?


In case this is helpful to others, our company is considering a one-time $500 budget for home office setup for new associates, a monthly stipend or reimbursement cap $40-$50 for connectivity expenses (phone and internet), and up to $100 in annual office supplies. 


Thank you!

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I have worked for several companies that handle this differently. One company only allowed home office purchases from a specific supplier that was set up on direct bill. Another offered a monthly stipend for Internet/Cell Phone use combined, I believe it was up to $75 a month. And yet another allowed for no internet charges at all and no home office set up expenses. However, they did allow for the purchase of paper and ink. I hope that helps.

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Thanks Jessica!