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Remote team meeting celebration, happy hour, etc reimbursement

We have a couple of teams that want to allow remote employees to expense food/drink for team meetings, happy hour, celebrations etc.   Has anyone implemented 1. an expense type specific to team events - that limits the reimbursement to $20  2.  written policy surrounding such expenses i.e would you require an email from the team director announcing the event and the itemized receipt to be attached 3.  Have you produced any reporting related to these types of events?  



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dear @MaryHeisterman.

if those meetings really take place in the same location, I don't see a reason of why not allowing the expense, however I am not sure if those meeting are taken remotely? So one person in one place, celebrating with another person in another location?? In that case I would say, a part I consider it sad to celebrate like that, I neither see the reason of accepting the reimbursement.


Please clarify with a specific example. Thank you.

Kind Regards

Alessandro Munari - Travel Expense Project Manager
Routine Member - Level 3

Marty - We have an expense type, Employee Relations, that is used for items such as these.  Usually, it is the mgr submitting the expense for the specific function that has been pre-approved for a set amount, with detailed receipts.  By the description above, I would expect the company to limit the # of times this could be done per month, and require use of a specific expense type to track the expense.  An audit rule can be set to allow a max of $20.  This way a report can be run for the expense type to monitor it's use.  Another way to insure this is limited is to have the mgr purchase and expense gift cards for this type of function.  The mgr would be limited as to how much is purchased and for whom each month by itemizing the expense.