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Remote Worker taxability when traveling to site >35days


Our organization recently started pursuing taxability status on workers that travel to a particular site for more than 35 days. As we understand it, the IRS states that if a worker travels to a location for more than 35 days, all travel reimbursement to that location becomes taxable. The challenge for us is determining the number of days someone may have traveled to a particular location and/or building workflow triggers that advise approvers when a traveler is approaching that 35 day total. 


Our organization has satellite campuses and research facilities that are frequently visited by both remote workers and employees from one campus to the other.  As I understand it, the remote worker status of the employee does not matter if the employee is travelling to a specific location more than 35 days.


Is anyone else capturing this and if so, how are you contending with it?

Community Manager
Community Manager

@BStrait I suggest posting this question in the User Admin Group. That group has Site Admins that deal with these types of situations and could better provide possible solutions. 

Thank you,
Kevin Dorsey
SAP Concur Community Manager
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