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Reimbursing employees from SAP and not through expense pay

We would like to reimburse employees in China using SAP instead of expense pay through Concur.    Looking for suggestions on how to map the SAP vendor number in Concur so the posting is made to the SAP vendor account.  If there is a mapping field, where is it located?

Also, is there an import file that I can upload all the SAP vendor numbers to the Concur field?

Hope all this makes sense.   Thanks for your consideration.

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I am not familiar with SAP but can you just use their Vendor# as the Employee ID?

Darryl Worth
American Society of Hematology
Routine Member - Level 1 might want to look at SAP Vendor master (Should have the employee ID number or e-mail (unique ID)).

Do you post financials to SAP? If so, you should have the one of those fields in the standard extractor. Concur can enhance the extractor if not.

What you are looking to do is fairly standard if not the most common form for employee reimbursement.


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Thank you David W for your reply.   The SAP vendor number for the employee does not have a direct correlation to the Concur employee ID.  Are you suggesting that the SAP vendor number be created with the same Concur employee ID to get the match?   Or are you looking at another field in the SAP vendor master to map the Concur employee ID to it? 



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We reimburse most of our employees through SAP.  We also have different Vendor ID's from their employee IDs.  We used a custom field on the employee record in Concur and use it for the AP Vendor ID.  That is then included in our SAE file and maps into SAP.

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Thanks for the info, it sounds like what I was looking for.   The challenge is that the employee ID is coming over to Concur from a Workday extract.   The SAP vendor ID is different than the Concur employee ID.   The plan was to update the SAP vendor ID with the Concur employee ID manually.   But I thought we needed Native SAP to include the AP Vendor ID in the SAE in order to post to the vendor.   I have a select number of company codes I need to do that for - but a large number of employees in those company codes.   What field is it in the SAE that stores the AP Vendor ID?


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In our SAE file it is 'ReportCustom17', but it will depend on your configuration as to which custom field you use.  For us it is mapped to a custom field on the Concur employee record which we update when the employee record is created.  We do this manually rather than via import as we don't have a huge number of employees, but I assume an import could work too.

As someone above said, this is fairly common practice so I'm sure Concur Support could help you set it up if you raise a case with them.  You don't need native SAP for this either, as we have a non-SAP financial system for processing Accounts Payable, including employee reimbursements.

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@kriteshanand is this the SAP Connector?

If so do you have any lessons learned?



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It's not SAP interface .

In SAP , we have separate module for booking Exp directly in SAP System through Travel Management.

if we are using Travel management module we can book exp as well as workflow process.



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The plan was to manually update the SAP resource ID with the employee ID of Concur. But I thought we needed a native SAP to include an AP resource identifier in the SAE to publish it to the provider. C_TSCM42_67 Dumps Questions I have a select number of company codes that I need to do this, but a large number of employees are in the codes of this company.