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Reimbursement in Different Currencies

Hello Everyone, 


Can Employees be reimburesed in different currencies depending on the currency of receipt (i.e. if employee paid in Egypt, he will be reimbursed in EGP, if abroad in USD)? If this is doable, how can it be configured on the system?


Thanks in Advance, 

Community Manager
Community Manager

@mkarouni a user can only have one reimbursement currency assigned to them. The only way to give someone multiple reimbursement currencies would be to have a whole separate user account/profile for that one person for the other currency. 


No matter where your employee travels to and no matter their default currency, the system will convert all transaction amounts to that user's default currency. So, if I'm assigned USD as my currency and I travel to the U,K., I will see the amount in the foreign currency and the amount in USD.  This ensures I'm reimbursed correcly for foreign transactions. 

Thank you,
Kevin Dorsey
SAP Concur Community Manager
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