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New Member - Level 2

Refunded charge not resolving

I accidentally paid a hotel charge with my purchasing card, instead of my travel card. I contacted the hotel and had the original charge reversed and applied it to the travel card. I can see the original charge in my purchasing card bank statement, and I can also see the negative one issued back. 

In concur, it shows I need to expense the original charge, but I cannot see the reversed charge. How do I process this correctly?

New Member - Level 2

I figured this out - my negative charge was automatically included into a different report. I can move the charge.

However, since they are different pay periods, concur will not let me put them in the same report.

Community Manager
Community Manager

@maxw it will all even out. The only thing is you cannot submit a negative amount report, so hopefully you have other expenses on the report with the refund.

Thank you,
Kevin Dorsey
SAP Concur Community Manager
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