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New Member - Level 1

Refund sent to amex, but it's still in concur



I have an expense that is 15days over. I was wrongfully charged, but have since received a refund back on my Amex. How can I remove them from Concur expenses without incurring any extra charges from Amex and concur.


Any help today would be appreciated.




New Member - Level 1

If both the charge and refund are in your concur account an administrator can remove the charges but I would create a claim with the charge and refund for full visability and let both charges hit the gl

Frequent Member - Level 1

Agreed, if you can see both the transaction and the refund, place them in a report/claim together. If you cannot yet see the refund, I would suggest contacting your Concur Administrator as the refund may be hidden in Concur and they should be able to release it so you can put it in a report.

Travel and Expense System Administrator
Routine Member - Level 2

Normally if both the charge and the credit is in Concur, we ask the employee to add to their report as it would be a wash (charge and credit).  This is for auditing purposes in case the charge comes back into the account.  I also ask for a comment which indicates the charge was incorrect and then the credit refers back to the date of the charge.  Just better for our auditing.