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Refund of disputed items at hotel

The hotel charged me for 2 items that I did not purchase - a meal and snacks from the minibar. I disputed those charges and they issued me a refund for both.

So now concur shows two expenses - one positive with the extra charge and then another negative for the refund.

On the negative expense I get this warning:

"Guidance on expensing refunds: (1) For a full refund of canceled services use the "(Z_CANCEL) Cancellation Fee (Audited)" category located in the Trip ID drop down menu for both the positive and negative charges. (2) If you have already expensed the positive charge with a regular Trip ID please still use "(Z_CANCEL) Cancellation Fee (Audited)" for the negative charge. (3) For a refund resulting in a cheaper fare or stay, use the original Trip ID for both the positive and the negative charge."


It seems #3 applies to me so I selected that. But the warning (Alert) does not go away. I tried selecting #1 and the Alert still stays.

asking the community for help.

Community Manager
Community Manager

@rathirajesh I looked at your expense report. The warning in questions is yellow and is just that...a warning/reminder. It doesn't need to go away for you to submit the report. As long as you followed one of the three options provided, you should be fine.

Thank you,
Kevin Dorsey
SAP Concur Community Manager
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