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Refund generated 4 alerts


I'm trying to remove 4 alerts from my refund which I've loaded into my expense report.


I only see 2 of the alerts and they are:

All amounts claimed must be greater than $0.00. Please remove this expense from the report.

This entry cannot be submitted until a Travel Allowance Itinerary is created.


How does one alter a travel allowance to indicate that the trip was cut short?  I already added the Travel Allowance Itinerary and it worked because the original hotel costs have no alerts.


How can I add an category of expense, if all of my claims must be greater than zero?  This expense (refund) was added after it was loaded into the system.  The amount is automatically listed as a negative number.





Community Manager
Community Manager

@cmulgrew if the credit is the only entry on the report, then you will need to wait until you have other corporate card transactions and add them to this report to take the amount greater than zero. 


Also, what expense type did you use for this credit?

Thank you,
Kevin Dorsey
SAP Concur Community Manager
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New Member - Level 1

The credit is not the only entry on the report.  I have the entire 4 day trip's worth of expenses on the report which includes the entire hotel bill.  The refund is for one of the days in the original hotel bill because I left one day early.  It took several days for the hotel to credit my credit card so I have 2 separate expenses and receipts for hotel charges.  One for a long stay and one for a refund.


At present the expense is classified as "Hotel room charge" in the Details section and as "Lodging - Purchase Order - 3rd Party Paid - Other" in the itemization section. I am getting reimbursed for the entire trip because my professional organization paid for me to attend so I thought that this was the best way to choose the expense categorties.