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Refund expenses - negative amount

We are facing many issues with negative amount in Concur.
For example, Anthony Adams report , who currently has 3 credits in his Mastercard account. When he tried to process the first one back at the beginning of August. It seems that something in Concur was changed at the beginning of August, where we can no longer process a negative amount.Another report, Jeffrey Russell, with the same issue and I’m sure there are many others.


The error is "You cannot enter a negative amount in a T&E espense. If you have previously claimed an amount which you now wish to reverse, then you should repay the company directly and not use Concur."


This was an incorrect charge from the hotel that employee stayed at, so, he received the credit from the hotel

Community Manager
Community Manager

@rabelob I don't know if anything changed, but I've not seen a company allow negative amount reports to be submitted. Keep in mind, we have over 30k customers and I haven't seen all their configurations. 


Anyway, if you were previously able to submit negative amounts, then someone did make a change in your site. This is something you should ask your company's SAP Concur site administrator about to find out why this change was made. 


We here on the community won't be able to really answer why your company decided to make this change. I'd try and look up who you might be able to contact, but your company named simply says Brazil, which won't really help me find your company. 


As for dealing with credits...usually there was an incorrect charge. That charge should appear in the user's account before the refund. The incorrect charge and the refund need to be put on the same report. That way they zero each other out. In the case of Anthony, if he has three credits, he should have three incorrect charges. If he placed these and the refunds on the same report, the amount of the report would have been $0 and probably could have been submitted.

Thank you,
Kevin Dorsey
SAP Concur Community Manager
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