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Red Flag - Submit link

A missing receipt affidavit has been attached as PDF to my expense. The red exclamation is still present and says, "In order for the red flag to be re-evaluated, you will need to click the Submit link again." What does this mean? What Submit link is this referring to? Why isn't the PDF attached recognized as a "receipt"?


NOTE: The difference in the icon for an attached receipt and affidavit (the affidavit has an asterisk. 





Frequent Member - Level 1

Your company has set up a review for the missing receipt affidavit. Are you able to hit the "Submit" button again? If so, this report will just be further reviewed by your company after submission. If that is the case, perhaps an explanation in the comment section would help in getting your report approved.

If you cannot submit the report, you will have to contact your Concur Admin as to let them know the report is blocked from being submitted. They may have to adjust the audit rule to allow you to submit.



Travel and Expense System Administrator
Community Manager
Community Manager

@hvncent1973 Hello there. Submit link is code for Submit Button. 🙂 Just try submitting the report again with that orange button. It should work. 

Thank you,
Kevin Dorsey
SAP Concur Community Manager
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