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Red Flag Error - "Date Change feature is not available for this expense type"

Hello! I am trying to enter a "Business Meals (Attendees)" expense and am getting a red flag error that states:


"Date Change feature is not available for this expense type"


I did a search here for this error and came up empty. Any idea why this error comes up? 

Super User
Super User

Is this a credit card expense that was imported?  If so, your system may have a block on not allowing the date to be changed.  Since some venders do not upload charges on the same day of purchase, it could cause confusion that it was made on the wrong date.  I advise my travelers that when this happens and the receipt date does not match the card import date, they should make a comment of that date of purchase was day before card import date.

Nancy Murray
Community Manager
Community Manager

@gopalkamat I just looked in your account and did not see any expense reports. I thought you might be acting as a delegate, but I see you aren't a delegate for anyone, so I'm not sure how to help you. Did you create a report and then end up deleting it? 

Thank you,
Kevin Dorsey
SAP Concur Community Manager
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