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New Member - Level 1

Receipts not showing up in Concur account

My boss takes pictures of his receipts with the Concur app.  When I log into his account to create an expense report, the receipts are not there.  How do I find them?

SAP Concur Employee
SAP Concur Employee

Hi Ivy, if the receipts are not showing up you can try clearing your cache/cookies and then check available expenses or please have the user  go to his saved photos (photo gallery) and email the receipts to Once they are emailed you will be able to see these in his "available expenses. For further research,  please open a ticket with Support and they will be happy to research this for you.  

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Do you know if your company uses ExpenseIt and/or if your manager has Expense Assistant enabled?


If you use ExpenseIt then captured receipts will appear under Available Expenses in the Concur web version rather than under Available Receipts.  You can check if you're using ExpenseIt by going to the homepage in the app - the camera icon at the bottom will be labelled ExpenseIt.


If you use ExpenseIt and your manager has Expense Assistant enabled then the captured receipts will be automatically added as expenses to the current month's report.