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Receipts Handled Poorly on Computer Browser

This is really annoying. When I drag a receipt into the receipt window, it immediately wants to download. I have to close the download popup. Then, when I click save, modify some things, or reopen an item, the popup comes up again - but twice. Sometimes, for a single expense, I have to click "cancel" on the receipt popup 3 or 4 times. Worse is if I get a red warning and have to open the expense again, I get the same 3-4 popups and have to cancel them too.

To add to this, when I drag a receipt into the proper field, after getting the popup, it doesn't always appear for me. So, I have to click to see it, which of course brings up more popups.

When I'm on the expense report screen and drag the receipts to the proper expense, they don't attach. This is fine, since I'm on the report screen, but why, when in the individual expense screen don't they attach?

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I should mention that I'm using Firefox 112.0.2 on an iMac

Community Manager
Community Manager

@ibsmith browsers usually have a setting that causes this to happen. I would suggest Googling how to turn off the option that automatically opens the file. This is a browser setting and not an SAP Concur issue.

Thank you,
Kevin Dorsey
SAP Concur Community Manager
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I don't think it's my browser setting. I use firefox and have "always ask" selected. And it always asks. The issue is that the .pdf is trying to force me to download, which prompts the browser to handle it. Also, it happens on multiple computers (all using firefox).

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@KevinDThis is a problem for me as well. It may be a Firefox specific issue and started I believe within the last calendar year. Firefox is my preferred browser; I've been having this issue for months. After finally thinking to search the problem, I found this post, and then thought to try doing my current expense report in Chrome. The issue does not exist in Chrome. It would be great to have this fixed for those of us who prefer Firefox!


as @ibsmith says, whenever uploading or saving a receipt attachment, or even simply opening the expense, the receipt attachment downloads from the page. (My settings are set up to automatically open my pdf downloads in Bluebeam, so that's where mine open). But it's definitely the webpage itself downloading the attachment whenever the page refreshes/reloads, not a browser setting.



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Same issue here and it's driving me up the wall! I had to add itemizations for a 4-night hotel stay, and every time I updated something, it downloaded a new copy of the receipt (I should probably set that to "always ask", but the prompt would still be really annoying). I ended up with something like 25 copies of that one receipt. Bizarre that it downloads the file I've just uploaded, because that action triggers the page save/reload.

I'm glad to hear this issue doesn't seem to affect Chrome, but it's irritating to have to switch browsers for this one task; Firefox is better for both privacy and RAM. Please do fix, thank you.