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Receipt status and image attachment



We have some limited cases where the employee has not obtained a tax receipt but has alternative evidence of business purchase, which the company will accept for reimbursement. > handwritten taxi receipt, credit card slip and bank statement etc.


We were asked by company management if it's possible to attach the affidavit for no tax receipt but also then evidence the alternative proof of business spend at line item level (we know it's possible at report level).


I was thinking of course, we have tax receipt, receipt or no receipt to differentiate but this is open to abuse, with employees using receipt more frequently.


Maybe someone in the community has an alternative best practice, that we didnt think of?



Community Manager
Community Manager

@Gunnmar I just did a test and attached the MRD to an expense. I then tried to attach another image, but the option to add another image was not there. 


I suggest posting this question in the Admin Group. That group is more likely to get you a response on what others might be doing. 

Thank you,
Kevin Dorsey
SAP Concur Community Manager
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