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Occasional Member - Level 2

Receipt policy question

Hello, I am the T&E admin for our company and I wanted to get some feedback about a change we might be implementing. 


Currently we require a receipt for all transactions, regardless of amount. We are thinking about changing that to allow people to submit expenses without a receipt if the amount is under $25. I am trying to get some feedback about whether anyone with a similar policy saw an increase in employees abusing this policy. I want to present a complete case to our CEO so I want to be able to answer any questions about the possible drawbacks to this change. 


Thanks for any help you can provide!

Routine Member - Level 3

Dear Davluna,

the approach you are asking is quite common in companies, mainly if US based (as in EU and few other coutries they could recover VAT/ GST).


I would think is okay to implement the trashold even to 50 USD, but I also strongly recommend is done only for company credit cards transactions expenses... In other words, if paid by cash, receipts is a requirement, if paid with Company credit card (which get also feed on the system) is accepted a no receipt rule. 


Let us know.


Kind regards


Kind Regards

Alessandro Munari - Travel Expense Project Manager