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Receipt not showing up on concur after taking a photo via concur camera

So this has started happening about 2 months ago. When using the concur phone app. I take a pic of my receipt and it will upload. When I login to Concur via the browser the receipt will be there and I can attach to the correct entry.  Here is the issue. sometimes, the receipt will say it uploaded to the receipt library but never makes it to the browser version of concur. I can take a photo of 20 of them, and none will show up, but will show that it uploaded, and can view via the app. What I have to do to fix it is delete the app, reinstall the app, and take all new photos. Once I do this all the receipts will now show up. UNTIL the next time I use the app. It will do this over and over. Now, i thought maybe it was just my phone doing this, until about 15 to 20 of my coworkers complained about the same thing. Any Idea what would be causing this. Thanks.