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Receipt library

Hi Everyone ,we are just close to our go live with concur,quick question is there a process to assist .when using one specific receipt across multiple far as we can see .once the receipt has been used ,it then disappears from the ,library so the receipt has to be scanned /snapped fir each individual line..any help our guidance would be much appreciated 

Community Manager
Community Manager

What I would recommend is to have a copy of the receipt saved locally on your computer, then just make as many copies as you need. You are correct. If the image is pulled from the Available Receipts area, it is no longer available. Best bet is to make your copies and then either use the Attach Receipt button for each entry or use the option from the Receipts dropdown. 



Thank you,
Kevin Dorsey
SAP Concur Community Manager
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Occasional Member - Level 1

Many thanks for the quick response,appreciate that is slight work around , this process will require uploading every time

scenario :line 1 journey 6 miles  upload fuel receipt (actual $50)

                  :line 2 journey 7 miles upload the same fuel receipt , 

                  And in theory this could be repeated line after line until this fuel receipt has been covered ,can you confirm.if there are plans to develop this application to enable the use of the initial receipt across multiple lines ,thanks again


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I imagine if Concur were to develop that feature it would have to be the ability to copy a receipt from one expense to another, although that could probably be handled by itemization.  The feature to remove a receipt from Available Receipts the first time it is attached to an expense would have to stay, otherwise the Available Receipts would continue to grow until the user manually deleted the ones they no longer needed.


In your scenario, why would you need to attach the fuel receipt to a mileage reimbursement claim?  You're claiming for the travel, not the fuel purchase.  The fuel receipt is no proof that you took the trip for which you are claiming.