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Occasional Member - Level 3

Receipt Store Images from attached pdf

An increasing number of users are having problems forwarding emails with attached an pdf that does not correctly load as an image in the receipt store.  All that apparently shows up is a copy of the email with a red X where the attachment should be.  Once user said that this is happening with all of his hotel receipts.  I tried to reproduce this with my own account and it seems to be working fine.  Has anyone encountered this?  Of course now that I'm being asked to investigate this, I cannot find any users that are currently having this problem....I'm just aware of their complaints.

Occasional Member - Level 1

I have this issue since a couple of week and right now this minute again. Welcome to help to investigate that.. what's needed?

Super User
Super User

We've had isssues in the past with receipts not loading from the email send, but I have been advising my users to use the mobile app to add the pictures of the receipts when they experience trouble.  It is a quick way to add the receipt to a line item.

Nancy Murray