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Receipt Requirement in EMEA

In the US we do not require a receipt for certain expense types (train/ parking/public transpiration) if the corporate credit card is used and it is less than $25.00.  However in EMEA a receipt is required for all purchases due to VAT.  We understand that VAT is not reclaimable for the London Tube and receipts are not provided  for users who use the touchless credit card.  We would like to remove the receipt requirement for public transport, however Local Finance is saying that Country Audits require a receipt for everything and they will not accept the credit card statement. Obviously much frustration for the user who cannot get a receipt.  Has anyone else experienced this in EMEA countries for similar issues like the London Tube and  if so how have you resolved. Thank you.

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dear @Statti1978 

I am not sure if you are an administrator or a Concur user. I will answer considering you are an administrator.

In your case, I would verify with the Tax department or even Finance, how much VAT is the company recovers on public transports... probably very, very little compare to the employees has to go to be compliant with policy,  I would consider okay to request Train as receipts, but tube, bus or similar, not. Policy can be changed, being reasonable and flexible. 

You can set up into concur a value limit to require receipts (e.g. 25 EURO) and only if paid with the company credit card.

Please share the feedback you get. Thank you.

Kind Regards

Alessandro Munari
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@Statti1978 : Did you know that users can download their receipts? Following this link is a detailed explanation of how to download pdf receipts for London Tube.