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Receipt Extraction?

There's a receipt extraction?  Makes sense that there would be, but I've never heard of it before.  We are eventually going to be shutting down our configuration and moving over to our new parent company's configuration.  I've been told at that time we will be given a disc with our historical data.  Does that include the receipts?  Tell me everything you know about this subject.

Terri Moreno
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Hi @tjbmoreno,

There is a process during a shutdown to extract receipts or “images”.  It is also known as Image Delivery. Quite often it is used as a feature to dump out images on a frequent, ongoing basis.  But it is also used during the shutdown / separation process as well. 

The disconnect team or solution consultant should be able to handle the process and any rules of the road like cost or timing.

Hope this helps!

Ashley Bragg
SAP Concur - Community Manager

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If I remember correctly there's an API for this. Otherwiese the VAT/GST providers weren't able to extract the receipt images for reclaim via OCR.

Have a look here.


Regards, Sven Externbrink

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Greetings Terry, we are going throgh a similar situation with our company's Concur implementation and need to extract/print all the receipts before the database is reset to start a brand new configuration. Can you share your approach to extract all the receipts? They are not accessible through Cognos and the alternative to print using Web Services is not available as we did not purchase that module. Any information you can share will be greatly appreciated. Thank you!