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SAP Concur Employee
SAP Concur Employee

Real time reporting for Tax purposes

I am submitting this on behalf of one of my clients. Have any of you found a way to solve for this issue? 

We are seeing a growing requirement for Real Time Reporting of expenses that are subject to payroll tax. An example of our current process is: I submit an expense today and am reimbursed for it tomorrow and on my next paystub (could be in a week or 2) I’ll see that reimbursement referenced. Real Time Reporting requires that the employee receives their reimbursement on the same day that the item is reported on their paystub.

Looking for ideas how to best manage this? 

Laura Campbell
Sr. Client Engagement Executive
SAP Concur
Routine Member - Level 2

I've never heard of that requirement.  However we do pay expenses that way.   Perhaps our payroll folks were ahead of the curve?

Our Concur cash reimbursements are paid every two weeks, the same day as payroll.

The obvious downside is that there's quite a long lag before people are paid and this can make for some unhappy employees.

We've been paying this way for several years now.  We don't use Concur pay.



Sandra Ahola
Senior Analyst Travel, Card & Expense