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Question on pre-approval customization

Hi Guys. I have a quick question & would really appreciate the help!


Is it possible to have Concur customize what items get flagged as requiring manager pre-approval, beyond items such as certain broad expense categories? Could you specify certain keywords on employee notes, line description, and vendor name as requiring manager pre-approval?


For example, let's say somebody purchases an item from 'Amazon.' Would it be possible for Concur to immediately flag any items with the keyword 'Amazon' as requiring manager pre-approval?


Really curious on the functionality & appreciate any help.



Community Manager
Community Manager

@SAPconcurcurios You could probably create an audit rule that contains a condition that is based on Vendor Description and then enter your keywords. 


However, in the example you gave, the purchase has already been made, so pre-approval technically couldn't happen. In these cases if the purchase gets denied, I guess they would have to do a return. But then the issue of no refunds or returns after purchase could come up. In these cases is the employee now responsible for the expense out of their own pocket? 

Thank you,
Kevin Dorsey
SAP Concur Community Manager
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