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Purchasing Card (CBCP) business practices/process for reconciling for backoffice

I wanted to solicite some feedback on the dataflow/business process that you all might be using to reoncile the Card providors statement, to the transactions in Concur to the Payment you make back to the Card provider.  Here is our current process, which I feel is a little clumsy and has too many manual touch points.  Courious to see what other companies do.  


  • Individual transactions flow into Concur
  • At statement cut-off date, we give the users a couple days to review their activity and submit their p-card report.  Thier completion ensures the expense type assignment that then drives our GL coding of the expenses in our ERP.  I assume like most companies, we never get 100% compliance.
  • We create an SAE file that we send to AP for the submitted and approved reports.  This is a full voucher build (PeopleSoft ERP) w/ the expense distribution line based upon the Concur coding and the payment to the card provider.
  • We then reconcile 3 data points in macros/office 365 tools.  This is 1) A report of the transactions in Concur that were not submitted and approved (but within the statement date).  2) The full statement detail from the card provider and 3) the SAE file we used to create the first payment.  We then "match transactions" across those three to fully identify "missing" transactions from the first SAE file.   
  • We then create a second voucher for AP that has the remainder of the transactions.  This second payment also has the expense distribution on it and the payment to the card provider.  The two AP vouchers are 100% of the statement.


In reading/searching some other posts, it seems some companies use a "clearing" account approach.  If you use that, can you walk me through how it works?  Does the "SAE" file go right to GL instead of through AP to create the payment?


Can you please share how you are currently doing it and make sure it includes how you get the expense distributions as accurate as possible?  


Thanks in advance,


Community Manager
Community Manager

@bhargreaves I would suggest requesting to join the Admin Group and make your post there. This forum tends to be read more by end users and not those who would deal with the things you mentioned. The Admin Group is admins only and those who reconcile expenses and work with ERPs. 🙂

Thank you,
Kevin Dorsey
SAP Concur Community Manager
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Occasional Member - Level 2

Thanks @KevinD .  I have requested access to post it there as well.