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Pros and Cons of Mandating the Google Mileage Calculator for Personal Car Mileage

I have been advised by my Account Manager to mandate the use of Google Maps Calculator for our users to access when expensing personal car mileage. 


I would like to hear pros / cons from members who have the use of Google maps mandated when calculating personal car mileage. 


My goal is to ensure users are appropriately compensated for their personal car mileage and that they do not overstate the distance travelled. However, I do not want to put up 'road blocks' (no pun intended) for our users who may travel back roads or encounter construction during their trip that takes them away from the 'normal' route calculated by Google Maps.


Any input from the community is welcome.


Super User
Super User

Hello @HeatherHealey 


isn't better to go for Drive solution?


From my point of view:

- Concur Mobile: I would never mandate my users to go with Google Milage Calculator becasue the current "interface" is a nightmare.

- Concur Web: It's ok, you can change the proposed route with an easy drag and drop however they will need to spend more time during the expense creation.





SAP Concur Employee
SAP Concur Employee

Hi @HeatherHealey 
I want to share what several other customers do; they use the mileage calculation via the embedded Google maps search (Mobile&Web) as a benchmark and allow them to modify the calculated amount (both amounts are stored). For example, the Google Maps calculation is 42.5 miles, and the user says he drove 46 miles. That makes it not too cumbersome for the traveler but gives the audit and tax departments the right level to validate what has been reimbursed. And you can also identify the big differences and validate with the traveler why he drove, for example, 60 miles instead of 42,5 miles.
I also agree with @NTS; if you have travelers who drive a lot daily to multiple destinations, it might be worthwhile to look at the Drive solution.
I hope this helps a little bit to see what other customers do

Routine Member - Level 1

Thank you for your insights. We do not have enough personal car mileage expenses nor do we have a fleet of cars to initiate Drive at this point. 


I like the idea of validating the distance claimed against Google Maps. I wonder if there is a quick report in Concur Expense I can run to reflect the variance/over statement of distance when compared to Google maps, if any?