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Profit center required for Debit items & cost center required for credit items



I am implementing Concur in my organization and we need profit center with any expense lines marked as personal (where employee is having debit balances posted to their SAP vendor account) & cost center with expense line items (where employee is having credit balances posted to their SAP vendor account. What I understand, Cost center is in employee's concur profile hence expense lines can be mapped to cost center.

 Is it possible to have Profit center also & somehow map debit line items with profit center & credit lines items to cost center?


Please help!!!!


Komal Kaur


Community Manager
Community Manager

@komal_kaur89 I think I'm following what you are saying. If you have Profit Center listed on the Employee Profile, then that should be able to copy down to entry line items. If you have two fields on the Employee Profile for Profit Center and Cost Center, those can also be made visible on the Entry Form. Both of these can be copied down from the Employee profile into the Entry Form. 


I would highly, and I cannot stress the word highly enough, suggest testing this with a test user first before making it live. However, since test user reports do not get fully processed, you might not be able to see anything posted to the test user vendor account. 

Thank you,
Kevin Dorsey
SAP Concur Community Manager
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