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Problem with old expense transaction

I have an old expense transaction that was charged on my corp card. I paid it personally. I can't submit any expenses until this transaction is submitted. But I mistakenly deleted it. Anyway to get it back?

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Hi there,

If this transaction came in on a corporate card feed, as it sounds, you can contact your Concur Administrator --> they have access to hidden transactions and should be able to unhide it. However, your configuration may be that once deleted, it is not hidden but actually deleted. In either case, it would be good to contact the administrator for your company.


Travel and Expense System Administrator
Community Manager
Community Manager

@sgoodman hello there. I just went into your account and I believe the issue is being caused by a -$4.95 credit on your AMEX card from back in April. If you log into SAP Concur and look in the Available Expense section on the home screen you'll see this charge sitting there. Since the actual charge for this was probably already submitted, I believe you can delete this charge. From the SAP Concur home screen, click Expense at the top of the screen. This takes you to the Manage Expenses screen. Below Active Reports, you'll see Available Expenses. The charge is sitting there. Select the little checkbox, then click Delete.


Give this a try and see if you can then submit your September report. Let me know if this works for you.

Thank you,
Kevin Dorsey
SAP Concur Community Manager
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