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Printed Detail Report - Cost Object Approver

Our company is rolling out Concur Expense and we use the Cost Object Approval workflow. Based on our business, most of our approvers are traveling and would be using the mobile app to approve an expense report. However, the mobile app is cumbersome for cost object approvals. We thought it would be easiest for the approval email to have an attachment of the Printed Detailed Report with the backup for the approver to review. However, the printed detailed report and receipts are not limited to just the approvers cost objects (i.e. the approver would see other receipts and entries on the report that they are not responbile for approving). Are other Concur Expense clients having a similar issue? How did you make your implementation successful for the cost object approvals? Our approvers/excecutives are accustomed to DocuSign which is fairly efficient for the approval process but now will be asked to use Concur and spend 2-3x the amount of time to review without some enhancement by SAP.

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An approver can open Concur in their mobile web-browser instead of Concur mobile app.

I know this defeats the purpose of having a mobile app, but given the restriction with Cost Object Approval and the Printed report in email, this should allow your COA to access the report in the same view as they would otherwise see in their laptop web browser.