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Preventing the wrong vendor from being manually entered on expense types - Suggestions?

Help! Does anyone run into this issue and do you have a solution?


ISSUE: We allow for the vendor to be updated on an expense type even if the value is being populated/pulled from the credit card.

This is causing us a few issues as we have users putting in some values that aren't even close to the actual vendor. 


AN EXAMPLE: We have seen a credit card transaction with the vendor: Escape Room Co, but the user typed over it and entered Delta Airlines. Granted, when you travel, you are so crammed in that it DOES feel like an escape room and you want to escape! LOL.

We think the user just updated the wrong lines, but this is all too common and our expense processeors don't always catch it.

Anyway, Here is what we are trying to solve for:
Is there a way to set a rule/field setting that can use the expense type as an indicator such that the vendor value can only come from the credit card transaction? It is  grayed out for manual entry. Should there be no credit card transaction tied to the expense type, then allow the vendor field to be manually entered or changed. 


Thanks for any help in advance!


SAP Concur, Former Employee

Hi @DavidW


Thanks for starting this discussion. Have you asked the User Admin Group? They might have a good perspective on this topic. 


I am also interested in hearing from your fellow community members. Has anyone else seen this? 



Ashley Bragg
SAP Concur - Community Manager

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