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Posting Fail - A Personnel Number is required in Reference key 1 field of AMEX vendor



I just need help to resolve this issue.


We have a posting fail and the error message is "A Personnel Number is required in Reference key 1 field of AMEX vendor". Upon checking with IT, this is due to multiple card number in the same claim report. The employee has 2 credit cards (2 card account IDs) because one of his credit card has been cancelled and that employee has new credit card. Due to this, both of employee's cards have transactions and the employee submitted all transactions in 1 claim.


Do you have any solution for this? Like Audit rule to prevent the employee to submit claim with multiple cards in the same claim report.


Appreciate any help!


Thank you!

Super User
Super User

dear @lrosero,

interesting topic for which I have had for sure dealt in the past, but now I can't recall actually why there could be a problem... At the end, I don't think is forbidden for employees to have multiple cards, so allocated to the same employee ID, that is probably the system did allow the employee to still submit those expenses.

Correct me if I am wrong... the problem is actually not from Concur, but actually your ERP system that have some settings that need to adapt to the file sent from Concur. I guess is the ERP system that won't accept CC transactions feed from 2 different cards for an employee. As this it should be a very rare situation,

I would try with some tests by:


- OR deal with the people in charge of the ERP system to understand the situation and ask if they can adjust what is causing the error, so the expense would need to be rejected, resubmitted and approved again for payment until posting automatically as all other expenses;


- OR having the expense report split between 2 and submitted in two different times, one with the old credit card and another with the new credit card during different payment run;


- OR having  the expense partially resubmitted including only the part of the "new credit card", removing the old transactions from the Concur system but having those manually posted into the ERP system by the accounting team.


I would be interested on other input too as those are only suggestions on how I would deal as first approach. Thanks

Kind Regards

Alessandro Munari
Community Manager
Community Manager

@lrosero I wouldn't necessarily create an audit rule to prevent this unless you are seeing this issue a lot with your employees. In this case I would send the report back to the employee and tell them to split the report into two separate reports keeping the transactions from each card separate. I think that will be the fastest and cleanest solution. 

Thank you,
Kevin Dorsey
SAP Concur Community Manager
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