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Possibility to transfer asset account number from Concur to SAP


it could happen that we make purchases which aren't allowed to show it in our P&L

Instead we have to show it in our asset accounting.

Is there a possibility in Concur to add the asset number in a field and to transfer it to SAP, so that we can show it as addition of fixed assets in SAP?


You're ideas would be helpful.


Thanks and kind regards

Super User
Super User

Hi @UserIT7 


Master data elements in SAP ERP can be loaded to Concur as list elements. This is typically done for cost objects like cost center, WBS project numbers, I would assume that you can build a program to load asset numbers from SAP to Concur as a list. The list can then be added to a custom field on the expense entry form. The value of the custom field will then be transferred to SAP along with other expense data. You will then need to write the custom code to transfer amount to an asset whenever there is a value in this field.


In a nutshell, the request should be feasible. However, a lot of custom development will likely be involved. Hope this help.

SAP Concur Employee
SAP Concur Employee

@UserIT7 Thanks for your post in the SAP Concur Community. I see that you have a support case open with the SAP Concur Support team. The case has been updated with additional questions. Are you able to update the case as our support team will look at your configuration and will be able to advise on your potential options to consider. 


Remember to tag me if you respond or feel free to mark this post as Solved if you don't have further questions or comments. To tag me on your response, you click the Reply button, first thing to type is @. This should bring up the username of the person you are replying to.

Thank you,
Lee-Anne Dautovic
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