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Policies - Mapping merchant codes - Fathers and sons

Hi team!
I have this little Issue.
I have some Expense Types that applies for one policy and other types for another 2 policies. The problem is when I try to map some MCC. 
Let's say: I have "Policy1" and 10 expense types and "Group1". And I have "Policy2" & "Policy3", "Group2" & "Group3" that have 10 expense types similar to them. What I want is to map some MCC to "Policy2" & "Policy3" and not affect to "Policy1". When I choose "ExpenseCategory1" and "Expensetype1"as a father,  that should apply to every policy, but I want them to NOT apply to "Policy2" & "Policy3". I want them to be ""ExpenseCategory1.2" and "Expensetype1.2".  This is change is not being reflected in the user profile. This is affecting every group.

I just need "Policy1" aplies only to "Group1", and "Policy2" & "Policy3" to Group2" & "Group3".  I don't want mixed transactions.  

In the user profile, I have some transactions that should only appear for group1, and they're appearing also in groups 2 & 3.

Please let me know if I was being explicit and also if you have a solution for my issue.
Thank you!