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Personal Mileage



New to Concur. Daily I travel to a number of businesses; includes return trips back to the office. Is there an efficient way to combine all of the destinations on a daily basis into a single daily personal mileage expense,  or do I need to enter each visited business as a separate expense?

Super User
Super User

Hi @stevemiglizzi,


that will depend on your company expense policy, you should ask them if you can merge all visits in one single expense.

If you want to combine all in one, you can use the google maps assistant and ping point all your destinations in one single mileage expense.

For more info check this video


Hope it helps!

Community Manager
Community Manager

@stevemiglizzi if you use the Mileage Calculator, it allows for entering multiple Waypoints. Just put in the addresses of all locations you visited in one day. The calculator will give you a grand total for that day. I would not suggest entering each segment as a separate mileage line item on your report. It will take too long. However, if your company has told you to enter each segment separately, then do that. 

Thank you,
Kevin Dorsey
SAP Concur Community Manager
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